Claudia Cepin

User Experience Design and Research

I specialise in UX design and research and have plenty of experience with the tools of my trade. I love being out in the field, in front of the whiteboard, people or the computer. I am experienced in:
• Organise, prepare and conduct contextual interviews, moderated user-tests, guerrilla tests and surveys.
• Synthesise research data.
• Create insights and documentation.
• Design artefacts like archetypes, user journey maps, semantic scales, presentations ...
• Engage and manage stakeholders.
• Set-up, organise and run workshops.
• Present research outcomes to teams, stakeholders and business leads.
• Plan and conduct 'Open Studios'.
• Test ideas, concepts, lo-fi to hi-fi prototypes.
• Create concepts, wireframes and user interfaces.
• Share knowledge with and mentor team members.


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Skype : freesouldotcc

Address : Melbourne, Australia

Recent History

UX Designer and Research & Bureau of Meteorology

2015 - Current

Since joining the Bureau in 2015, I've been engaged as an UX designer and researcher. Most recently I've been working on a project which is aimed at the emergency management sector exploring solutions for a new digital service. The project allowed me to travel around Australia and interview a wide variety of the Bureau's emergency management partners who all rely on the Bureau's products and services for daily and operational decision-making. The research uncovered current pain points with these and highlighted the need for a new service or tool that provides weather data and related information in context of a spatial, regional view with the latest updates and alerts all in one place. After numerous contextual interviews, I analysed the data and created a journey map, a dependency chart, semantics differential diagram, archetypes and a very comprehensive insights document. The arefacts helped to visualise the bigger picture while communicating opportunities for improvement and creating awareness for the service alignment and touchpoints between the Bureau and external partners. Other Bureau projects I worked on:
• A new Bureau weather service [Responsive website].
• BOMIdeas Community [Website to sign up participants for testing].
• 'FLARE - Early Warnings System' Members Forum [Bureau Award for Outstanding Customer Experience].
• Design for dynamic pdf templates for flood ensemble products and flood scenarios.
• UI for 'Flood Watch' Warning Entry Tool.
• Involved in developing the 'User Centred Design Framework' and 'Design Priciples' for the Bureau.

Senior UI/UX Designer & Open Universities Australia (OUA)


As the UI/UX designer at OUA, I had the opportunity to work on various websites such as Open2Study, Open Training Institute and Open Universities Australia. I collaborated with the marketing and development teams in an agile and scrum-driven environment. My responsibilities included print and web design, working on EDM's, UI design and brand guidelines on a daily and ongoing basis.


service alignment map