Claudia Cepin - Experience Designer

Creative thinker, researcher and human centred design enthusiast

Human centred design matters
User experiences that are smooth, swift and successful create happy, returning, loyal customers who willingly recommend the product or service to others as their needs have been satisfied.
Delivering a human centred design experience depends on how well the end experience is planned out and designed for. All available technologies and processes have to be considered and aligned to achieve a smooth customer experience. Sometimes this means to find a compromise between business requirements, priorities and user needs but everything is possible when communication and collaboration flows between project sponsors, managers, stakeholders, SMEs, product owners, developers and designers.

Why does this matter to me?
As a CX/UX designer, I am a conduit between the end-users, the business and the project team and shine a light on pain points and give insights on where the story does not align yet. Empathy, communication and collaboration are key for delivering outstanding user experiences. Co-designing the ‘right thing’ and designing it the ‘right way’ is what matters.
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