Claudia Cepin - Experience Designer

Creative thinker, researcher and human centred design enthusiast

Human centred design matters
Users interact with products and services on a daily basis and an experience that is smooth, swift and successful creates happy customers who return often, become loyal and recommend the product or service to others because their needs have been satisfied.
Delivering a delightful user experience depends on HOW the end experience is created internally and organisationally. All technologies and processes have to align to create all of the encountered experiences.
User experience and service design are two sides of a coin and both are needed to create a satisfying end-experience. 
Ease of use, presenting complexity through simplicity and communicating with clarity are key principles for designing a delightful user experience while internally service design has to align the different departments and silos to be able to create the holistic user experience.

Why does this matter to me?
I see myself as the conduit between the users and the business and as a human centred designer I am an advocate for delivering outstanding user experiences that align with business needs and service design. Co-designing the ‘right thing’ and designing it the ‘right way’ is what matters.
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