Open Universities Australia is an online education provider. The 2013 annual report delivers a showcase of OUA's ambition to innovate and evolve online education. The idea was to create a printed report that looks and 'behaves' like a tablet. A flap was created that could be overlayed on each page giving an illusion of an interactive experience.
We aimed to create the annual report as a dual functioning document. The financials feature in the separate document and together with the credentials document, it is delivered as the annual report.
Getting the print organised also proofed to be a challenge. The credentials documents features 2 rounded corners, a flap with a cut-out, gusset and score lines and a matt varnish with a gloss spot UV on the front cover. The financial statements also feature 2 rounded corners and the folder needed to be a custom 'tablet' format with double pockets. Not many printers are eager to take on a job like this but the team at Whirlwind have been most helpful and worked with us on a very tied delivery time.

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