As part of my studies in Graphic Design at RMIT I chose 'Book Binding' as an elective. I gained knowledge in book-binding techniques and developed an appreciation for the hands-on craft. I'd love to own an old style letterpress and be traditonally paper crafty.

'Contract Design' was my other elective. The brief was to create 'something' which was really not clear and directive. It was up to the student to come up with an idea. I thought I'd excel my new found love affair with book binding further and study the art of pop-ups. And to make it really difficult for myself I decided to create a pop-up book that showcased all the work I did during my studies. Half-way through the book production I cursed myself for taking on such a task but I prevailed and am very proud of the final product. 
Black linen cover with embossing
My 'rmit' experience - a frog seamed fitting
Every book needs a good contents page
Contextual studies - brief: split personalities, create two advertisements targeting two different markets.
market 1 - male professionals, market 2 - parents of young children
Promotional design - brief: create a marketing campaign for Bunnings Warehouse with one typographic and one image solution promoting trade accounts to trades men
Information and Interface - environmental design - brief: create a wayfinding sign and a poster promoting performance results for 'Connex'
Promotional design - ambient advertising - brief: raise awareness of dwindling water resources targeting people in shopping centres 
Promotional design - brief: invite chefs to the Melbourne Fine Food Trade promoting pumpkin seed oil
Type and Identity - branding - brief: make ice cubes more fun and desirable
Professional practice - branding - brief: create a fun and funky image for the venue 'Monkey Bar'
Contextual studies - patterns in visual communication - the relationship between visual communication and its social context

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